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Users of train dispatcher 3 can experience the thrills and frustrations of dispatching trains on real track territories all over the world. We will stop selling train dispatcher, track builder and track territories after april 30, 2012. I got tb3 as a christmas gift this year, and i have a few territories in progress now one of them is in the playtesting stage. Who here still plays train dispatcher the computer game. On this date we will also be limiting free support to one year after a product was purchased. Depending totally on the track territory used, it can be fun, frustrating, engrossing and more. Direct and coordinate the safe movement of railroad traffic on a specified territory from a central andor regional location. They control the movement of trains over large track territories. Train dispatcher simulation amtrak unlimited discussion. The game is available from signal computer consultants at i try to make my territories as real as possible, including track inspectors and yard. The most popular version of the train dispatcher 3. In april 2012 softrail announced that it would discontinue train dispatcher 3 as of april 30, 2012. Train dispatcher 3 favorites trains magazine trains.

From what i have been told, once a train appears on the territory, the computer lines all switches and makes all meets for the dispatcher. So, do you know about some good they dont need to be free. It may just be a simulation my favorite being a fictional, resurrected, onceuponatime real railroad, but one can easily lose track of time when becoming one with the simulation. Train signalling simulation ts2 is a railway simulation game where you have to dispatch trains across an area and keep them on schedule. The train dispatcher has been an integral part of railroading since the mid19th century and without them, even with todays high tech signaling systems like ctc, ptc and to a lesser extent abs trains could not safely and efficiently operate particularly on railroad lines with only one track. Train dispatcher is a train simulator of centralized traffic control ctc systems. However, the territories in the for sale territory library are no longer for sale. Td3 has much greater capabilities that i dont know why anybody would want to use td2, except for the fact that it is now free to the public.

The manufacturer provided five territory files in the initial package, and offered additional territories for sale on its website. Train dispatcher is a fun game, ive been playing td3 and td2 before that for about eight years now. Additional forsale and free territory files are available. I just found those tracks i had built back then in my multi terra bytes of backup and archives of everything from the last 30something years. By remotely clearing signals and throwing switches, the train dispatcher 3 user simulates the. Would like to know if anyone else is working on modeling any of the njtransit lines. Train dispatcher 3 territories train dispatcher track territory library. You decide where trains will meet and whether or not mow can occupy single track for extended periods of time. The territories now available from scc number in the hundreds, with rr. Everything can be changed through the editor, including scenery layout, allowed routes, timetables and train characteristics speed, acceleration, braking, length. Primary activities and responsibilities ensure compliance with all railroad rules, procedures, and regulations for safety, operations and the federal railroad administration fra. Track builder is a utility program which allows train dispatcher 3 users to design their own territories to simulate with train dispatcher 3.

The cost of updating and maintaining the customer contributed territories has become a financial burden in the last couple of years. Extensive computer experience or computer programming knowledge is not required. Your task is to direct trains running in a territory to their final destination, by throwing switches and clearing signals. To run the premium version a separate fee is required for each territory. This leaves teh disaptcher free to answer the phone and radio and to persue a dispatchers favorite passtime, drinking coffee. With train dispatcher 3 you can experience the thrills and frustrations of dispatching trains on track territories all over the world. Track territory files are data files that are processed by our program train dispatcher 2. From a centralized location, they control the movement of trains over large track territories. Ms train sim was neat but i found it to be most unrealistic in the. After all the new track projects bnsf has going on, train dispatcher 3 will need. Signalsoft is for routes in german and netherlands, but now i want to be an dispatcher in usa, or another country.

It is the job of the dispatcher to control the movement of trains over this limited resource, which can create one bottleneck after another. Railway station master 2 train dispatcher railway station master is a brand new railway dispatching game for train dispatchers. Train dispatcher 3 favorites posted by zwspnby9 on thursday, may 04, 2006 7. Transfer a transfer must be made to relieving train dispatcher to include the following, if applicable. Our policy of providing free support for an unlimited time after a purchase has proven to be unrealistic. I know that the are quite a few of you out there who are virtually addicted to signal computer consultants train dispatcher game. The current setup file available for download occupies 1. By remotely clearing signals and throwing switches, the train dispatcher 3 user simulates the gargantuan routing tasks a reallife dispatcher faces daily. My favorite dispatching territory is bnsfs emporia sub from wellington to kansas city, ks.

Up realigned some of these dispatcher territories some time back and i am going to remake an updated version of these territories to reflect the new districts. Train dispatcher rules instructions belt railway of chicago. Who here still plays train dispatcher the computer game by trnwatcher. We stopped selling train dispatcher, track builder and track territories on april 30, 2012. Train dispatchers, if allowed by software, may issue track and time to and including the next control point in the adjoining train dispatchers territory after reaching an understanding with that train dispatcher.

Either way, train dispatcher has become one of my favorite ways to play with trains. You can run the simulation as much as you want for a onetime fee you can get a license to run all territories in the standard version. Homepage railway station master game train dispatcher. When a condition, such as weather warning, speed restriction, crossing warning malfunction, etc.

I would have to say if you have an interest in train dispatcher simulation games, td3 is the way to go. The program provides nonrailroaders with a quite realistic experience as a railroad trick dispatcher. Youll be happy to know that i have a couple of territories to offer along with dozens of icons of locomotives, cars, and cabooses. Track territory files are data files that are processed by our program train dispatcher 3 when you load them. Train dispatchers are the air traffic controllers of the railroads. Train dispatcher 3 customer contributed free track territory library. Simplifying your search query should return more download results. The csx na nb train dispatcher continues to control cp 45 and west, as well as all the other trackage within the existing territory, only the mainline is affected by this change.

Railway station master 2 train dispatcher has been released, please read this to learn more about the game. It is actually quite amazing some of the fun stuff siting hidden therei have to see if they still work and have survived. This includes programming and selling aei tags, individual rf reader components, portable aei readers, wayside aei reader systems, aei yard management software and aei tag programming equipment. I have make a couple territories and while getting one finished and prefected can take awhile, i find it challenging task that i enjoy. Csx ng dispatcher issues ec1 to amtrak train 281 duration. Softrail specializes in providing automatic equipment identification aei rf identification products and services to the worldwide railroad industry.

Bnsf train dispatcher note cards for test 9 flashcards. With train director you can simulate the work of the centralized traffic control ctc. This download was checked by our antivirus and was rated as malware free. The problem is that trains must share a limited number of tracks. Territories as complicated as the northeast corridor track section from washington, dc to philadelphia can be created with track builder 3.

As i was searching the site i then saw that they had released td3. It enables users of train dispatcher 3 to design their own track territories to be used with our railroad traffic control simulator, train dispatcher 3. Train director is a clone of the popular train dispatcher simulation software. However, since we continue to receive many requests to purchase train dispatcher 3. Track territory files are data files that are processed by our program train dispatcher 2 when you load them.

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